Be inspired by the timeless designs Laura has been creating since 2002 and begin your own paper experience with our calligraphy and color visual. Find out today how we can be of service— no matter where you are in the wedding planning process. 



Learn how Laura and Alyssa continue to foster the cornerstone of their company with calligraphy tools and teaching for beginners, hobbyists and beyond— as well as in-person services to enhance events and take the stress out of stationery.   

Discover how Laura’s beloved landscape contributes to her creativity and be inspired to make every day artful with curated calligraphy solutions, fine art influenced by Foxhill, and sought-after garden goods.



Discover how Laura’s beloved landscape contributes to her creativity and be inspired to make every day artful with curated calligraphy solutions, fine art influenced by Foxhill, and sought-after garden goods.




The cornerstone of our company is calligraphy,
but just like the homes and hearts we adorn with our artistry,
this House was designed to grow.

Established in 2002, we set out to create classic and timeless stationery pieces by infusing graceful calligraphy and hand drawn illustrations into every design.

our mission

We instill an appreciation for artful everyday living, encouraging investment in the things that enhance the beauty of the most celebrated moments of life.

Artistic offerings for artful living.

At the core of our creativity is a pursuit to encourage an artful everyday for everyone— whether you’re seeking one-of-a-kind wedding stationery, curated calligraphy supplies to improve your penmanship, or a floral flourish inspired by our very own Foxhill Garden.

Our appreciation for decorative writing took root in 2002, and with it our desire for art beyond invitations grew. Today, we share our knowledge, our craft, and our creations so that you too can live everyday artfully.  

A seasoned creator-coordinator duo inspiring beauty beyond the occasion. 

Meet Laura Hooper and Alyssa Law. As individuals, the practiced pair behind the Design House couldn’t be more different— together, they are siblings who balance one another’s strengths to create, curate, coach, and convey. 

Since joining forces the duo have come to realize that an appreciation for art doesn’t have to cease with a celebration or mastering pointed-pen calligraphy. Their perpetual approach to artful living is inspired by the everyday beauty in their own lives— including the cottage landscape of Laura’s Foxhill Garden. 

From our House, to your home (or celebration!)

Since 2002 we have found abundant joy in sharing our art and expertise with others. The greatest compliment is to learn that our wedding stationery leaves a lasting impression, or that the skills we impart to our students provide therapeutic escape. 

For us personally, our work provides a way to practice artful living daily. From exquisite ribbon designs to garden-inspired prints for the home, we offer numerous possibilities to make your everyday artful, too.

Two decades of addressing envelopes has its advantages.

For over twenty years Laura and Alyssa have been industry leaders, sharing their passion for penmanship with wedding couples and budding artists alike. Their experience yields solutions that surpass short-lived styles and trendy tools, making their clients’ paper products and calligraphy practice long-lasting. Beyond the beauty of timelessness, their tenure makes them tactical. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to weddings— Laura frequently catches incorrect zip codes— and their tried and true approach to teaching is tailored for success.

Laura Hooper

A seasoned calligrapher and multimedia designer, Laura has been bringing a distinct flourish to wedding stationery for over 20 years. Her pursuit of artful living for all stemmed from a desire to continue creating for her wedding clients, and so a family partnership that saw the sisters branch out began. From sharing her expert calligraphy knowledge with over 25,000 aspiring students to whimsical watercolors for purchase, Laura’s artistic eye is an infinite talent. Today she draws inspiration from her English-style grounds, where she grows an abundance of blooms to share with her Foxhill Garden enthusiasts. 

principal designer

Alyssa Law

With a steadfast meticulousness to fulfilling every artful endeavor, Alyssa is the gumption behind the graceful designs of the duo’s creative business. Her previous work in executing events proved to be a purposeful addition when the sisters joined forces in 2012. Today, her corporate skillset makes her chief correspondent and operations aficionado— never missing a beat when it comes to the intricacies of finalizing wedding stationery or calligraphy workshops. Outside of the family enterprise Alyssa has her own kin to care for, a role she takes as seriously as the one she fulfills at the Design House daily. The very definition of a successful working mother— in home and House life— Alyssa is a force to be reckoned with. 

director of operations