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Discover how Laura’s beloved landscape contributes to her creativity and be inspired to make every day artful with curated calligraphy solutions, fine art influenced by Foxhill, and sought-after garden goods.



Discover how Laura’s beloved landscape contributes to her creativity and be inspired to make every day artful with curated calligraphy solutions, fine art influenced by Foxhill, and sought-after garden goods.



Real Wedding Stationery Suite: Italy-Inspired

Ciao, friends, and fellow wedding enthusiasts! We hope this post finds you in the best of spirits, as we prep for another destination wedding next week. As we eagerly prepare to jet off to Italy with the LHDH team for on-site paper concierge & calligraphy services, we can’t help but reminisce about a previous Italian wedding invitation that still holds a special place in our hearts. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane, where our clients were married and wanted to capture the blues of the sea in their custom design.

The invitation itself featured a subtle blind deboss hand-drawn floral border. In order to keep the focus on the stunning white floral vellum liner, the couple opted to forgo an envelope liner. The vellum was closed with a delicate light blue silk ribbon.

A Captivating Blue Symphony

Ah, the mesmerizing blues of the Mediterranean! The couple’s desire to encapsulate the allure of the sea in their custom wedding invitation led us on a creative journey that we cherished every step of the way. The venue overlooked the Mediterranean in Ravello, and we used brightly colored watercolor flowers for the welcome party card and a cerulean blue envelope and details card, printed in white digital print.

Watercolor Blooms for a Welcome Party

To welcome the guests with open arms and blooming hearts, we adorned the welcome party card with vibrant watercolor flowers. These brightly colored blooms symbolized the exuberance of love and joy that filled the air as the couple’s loved ones gathered to celebrate their union in the enchanting Italian setting.

Cerulean Blue and Delicate Details

For the invitation envelope and details card, we chose a captivating cerulean blue hue that reflected the beauty of the sea itself. To ensure every detail shone bright, we opted for elegant white digital printing that perfectly complemented the Mediterranean charm.

Subtle Elegance in a Blind Deboss

The invitation itself featured a meticulously hand-drawn blind deboss floral border. The delicate impressions graced the invitation, weaving a story of love and devotion without overpowering the stunning white floral vellum liner that lay within.

Vellum, a Canvas of Dreams

The vellum liner allowed the spotlight to fall gracefully on the intricate white floral designs. Each petal seemed to dance, echoing the couple’s love that blossomed like the most beautiful flowers.

Tying it All Together with a Silk Ribbon

To wrap this ethereal creation in a tender embrace, a delicate light blue silk ribbon gently secured the vellum liner. It was a touch of tenderness that reflected the bond between the couple – a bond that was as soft and precious as the silk itself.

A Harmonious Overture of Love

As we look back on this invitation’s creation, we are reminded of the beautiful symphony of love that filled the air that day. The soft whispers of vellum, the enchanting blues of the Mediterranean, and the vibrant watercolor blooms united to create an invitation that was an overture of love – a prelude to the grand celebration that followed.

As we embark on our next Italian adventure, we carry with us the memories of these special moments, knowing that each invitation we create becomes a unique chapter in the love stories of our clients. We can’t wait to capture more heartfelt moments, embrace the beauty of Italy, and witness love’s timeless magic.

Grazie mille for joining us on this heartfelt journey! To learn more or to inquire about your own custom stationery & wedding branding needs, please visit the Weddings section of our website!

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